Do you want more for your teen? Of course, you do! You wouldn't be here if you didn’t. As a parent, you want your teen to do well socially, academically & for them to be excited about their future. But it may not be happening, and you don’t know what to do. Or, maybe your child is doing well. Many of my clients are knocking it out of the park… straight A’s, a job, a busy social life, but they need more – something different. They’re looking for a purpose, their calling, or at least a path that leads them to it. If you’re looking to provide your teen with the help they need to discover their calling, then I can help.

Research has shown that it takes 5, non-parent adults to walk alongside a teenager during their adolescence for them to have the best chances of success. Hiring a teen coach ensures that you have a professional, mentor with the training and experience necessary to help your teen get through with flying colors.

The Coaching Process

You Decide What You Want to Experience, How You Want to Grow & What You Want to Contribute to The World. I help you figure out how to make your Master Plan work.

Discovery Session

This session is complementary and here, both coach and parent discuss desired outcomes and ongoing concerns, share coaching recommendations, and decide on the next steps to take.

Develop & Execute the Coaching Program

This is the main coaching stage where we lay a strong foundation that’ll pave the way to your teens success. Sessions focus on specific goals and promote action, confidence, self-awareness, goal setting and achievement.

After coaching care

Even after the program, we still provide ongoing accountability and support so as to ensure that teens maintain action and focus towards goals.

Adam Brock Coaching is all about you!  

  • Your     experience 

  • Your     growth

  • Your     contribution 

  • Your     dedication

  • Your     inspiration

  • Your     motivation

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